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Use this site to convert Comma Separated Values (CSV) and Excel files into another format! You can either load a local file (this may not work on some versions of IE depending on security settings), paste your CSV data, or load from an external web page. This tool runs completely on the client-side using Javascript, so your data never leaves your computer. Save the output by copying or use the "Download Result" feature.
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Online CSV/Delimited/Excel File Conversion Tools:

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We support the following features:

  • Convert to/from formats: HTML, JSON, SQL, XML, Delimited, Excel, Text, KML, YAML, MediaWiki, Markdown, others
  • CSV Viewer/Editor can read and edit any delimited or Excel file... including large files
  • Convert JSON to CSV - JSON must be reasonably columnar
  • Convert HTML tables to CSV - HTML text must have a TABLE tag
  • Convert SQL Inserts to CSV - You need a modern browser
  • Use SQL to query CSV file and write to CSV or JSON
  • Field separators of space(s), comma, semi-colon, Tab, colon, caret ^ or | (pipe). Auto-detect mode is default.
  • Extract emails,urls from webpages and text files and write to CSV New
  • Convert CSV to MongoDB JSON array format New
  • Query CSV data, filter data to include and exclude records.
  • Rearrange CSV fields, include or exclude fields
  • Sort CSV on any field either alphabetically or numerically
  • Copy and paste Excel data into our tools as Tab separated (TSV)
  • CSV Multi-line field values, line breaks are permitted
  • Optional double-quotes around values
  • Optional single-quotes (apostrophe) around values
  • Backslash escaping support for input data
  • Option to treat all double/single-quotes as data
  • Optional totals for numeric fields
  • Specify number of decimal places on most tools
  • Fully supports RFC 4180 CSV standard but not strictly enforced
  • New Checks for correctness of CSV files
  • Excel style equal sign to force text value (i.e. ="00010"), both reading and writing
  • Built-in Scripting Engine for custom output - See CSV Template Engine
  • Data privacy is assured because your data never leaves your computer
  • New Read and Convert Excel to CSV automatically anywhere CSV format is expected

What is CSV? - Comma Separated Values (CSV) is a format for tabular data in a plain text file. Each data value is separated by a comma. If the value contains a comma(delimiter), line break, or double-quote, then the value is enclosed by double-quotes. If the value is surrounding by double-quotes and contains a double-quote then each embedded double-quote is doubled to two double-quotes :). This tool also support the popular tab-delimited (TSV) data format used by Excel, and other delimiters such a colon, semi-colon, caret, spaces, and vertical bar.

Example CSV File

1,"Johnson, Smith, and Jones Co.",345.33,Pays on time
2,"Sam ""Mad Dog"" Smith",993.44,
3,"Barney & Company",0,"Great to work with
and always pays with cash."
4,Johnson's Automotive,2344,

What is a Delimited File? - A Delimited File is a data format with values separated by a delimiter. CSV is an example. Other examples are files delimited by Tabs (TSV), semi-colon, and the bar character |. Though the strict definition of CSV defines comma as the separator, in general CSV refers to other delimiters also. Our site uses the the term CSV in the broad definition. Our online tools support all these formats and more.

How do I use this tool with Excel data? - You must copy cells from Excel and paste into this tool. The copied data will be Tab-Delimited. Likewise you can copy from this tool and paste into Excel. Choose TSV as the output format or save the file and import it into Excel.

How do I force Excel to import a number to text? - This is a common problem in Excel when reading CSV files and not using the Import Text Wizard. When Excel determines a field is a numeric value, it automatically formats the field as numeric. Placing double-quotes around the field does not help, neither does adding spaces around the number. The only method that works is starting the field with a equal sign and then double-quoting the field. If the value has a comma though, then you must follow the CSV rules and enclose in double quotes.
Example: "Next field is text",="000100"
"This next field has commas.","=""999,999.99"""

Our tools will read and write fields formatted with beginning equal signs. See the CSV-to-Delimited tool to prepare your CSV files for Excel.

For developers - What is the CSV MIME type? The quick answer is "text/csv" but for best results, use this in your web pages:

Content-Type: text/csv; name="filename.csv"
Content-Disposition: attachment; filename="filename.csv"