Convert SQL To CSV and JSON

Use this tool to run SQL statements to create CSV and JSON.


Use this tool to output CSV data from SQL statements. Your SQL statements MUST include a CREATE TABLE statement and INSERT statements to load the data. The very last line MUST include at least one SELECT statement. Each SELECT statement will produce data. Please use a plain version of CREATE TABLE with no additional keywords. Use semi-colon as the SQL statement terminator.
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NOTE - This page requires a modern browser - IE10+, latest Firefox, Chrome, ....
This page uses client-side SQLite via sql.js. Use site SQLite for SQL syntax, though most SQL dialects run fine.
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Step 1: Select your input

Enter SQL statements including CREATE TABLE statement, INSERT(s), and at least one SELECT.
In the example below. The SELECT statement is:
SELECT * FROM employees WHERE id<10 ORDER BY name;

Step 2: Generate output

Output Field Separator: